New commands CPRIVMSG and CNOTICE

Private messages within the channel context

In order to escape the target flood limit, it will be allowed to send an arbitrary number of private messages to users who are on the same channel. In order to disallow spam, this privilege is only granted to channel channel ops. Because it would use too much cpu for the server to check for each private message if two people are on the same channel, you will have to give the channel context yourself and as such use a new command: CPRIVMSG (or CNOTICE). The syntax of the client-server protocol is as follows:
CPRIVMSG <nick> <channel> :<text>
Where <channel> is only used to check if <nick> and the user sending this message are both on that channel. The idea is that this will benefit channels where the channel ops are using private message heavily, as is the case on help channels and certain game channels.
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