glibc-2.x / libc-6.x

If you are upgrading from ircu2.10.01, and you are using now glibc, then remove ../.config.cache, run ./configure as usual and then edit ../.config to remove the line that contains the default IRCDLIBS. For example:
$ ls
$ tar xzf ircu2.10.02.tgz
$ cd ircu2.10.02
$ rm ../.config.cache
$ ./configure
$ mv ../.config ../.config.old
$ grep -v '^IRCDLIBS=' ../.config.old > ../.config
$ make config
$ make
$ make install
This is necessary in order to use the libraries detected by configure: -lcrypt -lresolv, which are now necessary. Alternatively, you can run 'make config' and specify 'y' at the first question in order to scan through all questions manually and then changing the old default for IRCDLIBS to `-lcrypt -lresolv'. Note that you can safely give 'c' (continue) to the next question in order to jump to the first new configuration question.
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