Release notes for ircu2.10.08

These are the release notes for ircu2.10.08.

Since the previous version, about 10 patches have been added. Here is a list of the most important changes (in decreasing order of importance):

   Code is now not specific to Undernet anymore but instead aims to be more flexible towards other networks. It still uses the same name (ircu) because 99% of the changes in ircu are written by Carlo Wood.
So, actually nothing changed (except that Undernet stopped using ircu, do you care?).
In this release, TOPICLEN is increased to 250; NICKLEN to 30 and CHANNELLEN reduced to 50. Edit include/channel.h and include/struct.h to change that. You want to use the same values for your whole network though!
Bug fix in hChangeClient thanks to a report from krushnet.
Bug fix, `make install' didn't use the right symbolic name when SYMLINK was changed with `make config'.
Source code is now indented automatically by the cvs server, using GNU indent 2.2.5.
Code is now released under GPL version 2 (instead of version 1).


(Amsterdam, May 2000) 

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