Release notes for ircu2.10.09

These are the release notes for ircu2.10.09.

Since the previous version, about 68 patches have been added. Here is a list of the most important changes (in decreasing order of importance):

   Support for P09 has been totally removed.
Allow to join through bans, invite-only and limits by using a correct channel key.  When configured (always the default), don't demand a key to be given in order to join when one is set, allowing to use a key as exception to added bans.  Channels that want to use a key in the same way as keys worked with previous versions need to use the channel mode +ik instead of just +k!  See also the COMPAT2_10_08 configure option (read its help text!).
Added new configuration options:
FIRST_CHANNEL : Channel will be joined automatically on connect.
ONLY_OPERS_CAN_CREATE_CHANNELS : Only IRC Operators can create channels.
LOOKUPTIMEOUT : Seperate, configurable timeout for ident lookup.
OPER_HIDE_WALLOPS : Hide WALLOPS from users (and add optionally a new command WALLUSERS).
The NAMES command has been reimplemented.  Empty and remote requests are now being ignored, it still accepts single channel requests and channel list requests. 
A new user mode +h has been added.  It can only be set by Opers.


(Amsterdam, Nov 2001) 

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