Release notes for ircu2.10.10

These are the release notes for ircu2.10.10.

Since the previous version, about 47 patches have been added. Here is a list of the most important changes (in arbitrary order):

   In case of a channel key change, the key is now showed to everyone who already knew the key. This fixes the problem that under certain circumstances clients register a '*' as key while they should have stored the real key.
New channel mode: +D (Delay joins), this channel modes causes others on a channel not to see that someone did join (or part) until he says something or is opped etc. This can be used during very large events for example in order to prevent people being flooded off when joining the channel, just because of the size of the channel.
During configuration, it is now possible to specify different TOS (Type Of Service) for client-server, normal server-server and server-server burst connections.
It is now possible to specify exactly what IP# (interface) the server listens on and which it uses as outgoing IP# (to make connections to other servers), without that the server name specified in the M: lines needs to resolve. This can be done with the -w commandline option and P: lines in the ircd.conf file (see updated documentation).
Clients connecting via a http proxy are now automatically rejected.
Bug fixes: OPER_HIDE_WALLOPS now compiles.
Support for extended numeric nicks has been added, allowing lots and lots more servers and users per server. As long as you don't _use_ larger numeric nicks (or more users), then the protocol stays backwards compatible. Thus: first all servers must be upgraded, then you can to start add more users to a server.


(Amsterdam, Nov 2003) 

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