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Welcome to the Universal Ircd Development home page.

Current version

At this moment the current release is ircu2.10.10.
Click here for the release notes.

For latest version up to and including the latest patch, please use the read-only CVS repository access.

Release Notes

  • ircu2.10.10
  • ircu2.10.09
  • ircu2.10.08
  • ircu2.10.07
  • ircu2.10.06
  • ircu2.10.05
  • ircu2.10.04
  • ircu2.10.03
  • ircu2.10.02
  • ircu2.10.01
  • ircu2.10.00
  • IRC II scripts

    Ircu provides a lot of extensions to the original client-server IRC protocol. A lot of clients do not yet support those extensions natively. In order to get the best out of IRC you will need to use scripts to upgrade your client with the Universal extensions. You can download an official IRC II script right here, that will add all ircu specific features to your IRC II client.

    Reporting bugs

    If you found a serious bug that might be exploited to crash servers, break server links or desync channels, then please mail Carlo Wood (see bottom).

    If you have an idea for ircd, would like to be involved in some way, or wish to report a minor bug, you can send mail to <ircu-development@lists.sourceforge.net>. You can also subscribe to this mailing list if you wish to be more closely involved.

    Read-only CVS repository access

    The Universal development CVS repository is available online. Read more here.

    Links on this page

    Questions and comments about this page should go to the maintainer: Carlo Wood (Run @ IRC).